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The history of MAX ATV’s dates back to 1969. Recreatives Industries Inc. began its operations. The company, people, and tooling were all specifically organized and developed for the sole purpose of producing a new and exciting product: a six-wheel drive, amphibious all-terrain vehicle.

After studying the primordial competitive attempts at 6-wheel ATV design, it was understood by the original group that they could design and build better machines. The early engineering team started from a fresh sheet of paper and was given a substantial budget.

The result was a rugged, reliable, amphibious vehicle that had true 6-wheel drive, was easy to steer, and a blast to drive! That vehicle was the first MAX II model. More than 1,500 MAX II vehicles were sold during the first year of production – an incredible achievement at that time in what was considered a new market.

The modern MAX ATV models built by Recreatives Industries, Inc. until late 2013 (when interim ownership took control until recently) retained the basic layout of the original, highly successful design, but the vehicle evolved and was greatly improved over the original production period 1969 to 2013, along with new models being introduced.


Andrew Lapp, CEO of Recreatives Industries, Inc. pictured with a Max II and Max IV

Under new and enthusiastic ownership as of November 26th, 2021, Recreatives Industries, Inc. is re-launching MAX with a solid commitment to offer a line of high-performing and high-quality MAX all-terrain vehicles that both retains the highly effective design features of MAX ATV’s as well as advancing the evolution of MAX products to fulfill the requirements of all customers seeking the ultimate in off-road mobility, utility, adventure, and downright FUN!

Stay tuned for company updates as Recreatives Industries, Inc. progresses forward to a new and exciting era in the long, successful, and storied history of Max amphibious all-terrain vehicles!

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