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Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. Appoints Galen Reich as President of PRRY

SARASOTA, FL, February 11th, 2022 – Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (OTC:PRRY) is pleased to officially appoint Galen Reich as its new President.

Mr. Reich served as General Manager and Marketing Manager of Recreatives Industries Inc., the original manufacturer of MAX Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles, from 1993 until 2013. During his time at Recreatives, he expanded the business by maintaining over 150 vendor relationships and managing inventory control at foundries, heat-treating firms, machining firms, and assembly plants.

Mr. Reich further expanded the company’s dealership network nationwide nearly 50% per-annum compounded growth over a five year period, resulting in over 750 new MAX ATV dealers. Mr. Reich’s implementation of direct-response marketing through print media, online and search engine keyword advertising achieved 6.2% average annual increase in unit revenue over a nine-year span.

“Galen’s comprehensive experience in manufacturing and marketing MAX ATVs gives us strong confidence in PRRY’s success with relaunching the brand,” states Andrew Lapp, CEO. “Upon Galen’s effective date of March 1st, we will immediately begin re-establishing our vendor supply chain to get vehicles and accessories into production. We also plan to collaborate with 1-2 former MAX engineers from the Recreatives era to assist with necessary tasks including the inspection and testing of pre-production samples of vehicle parts and accessories. The MAX brand has proven to be a huge success in North America, which gives us assurance in expanding into international markets around the world.”

Stay tuned for more frequent updates from PRRY as the company continues moving forward in revitalizing MAX Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles.

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