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PRRY Attends 6×6 ATV Rally event at Pine Lake Raceway and Trails in Jefferson, OH June 16 – 19

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (PRRY) company CEO Andrew Lapp and company President Galen Reich packed-up and attended this past weekends Spring 6×6 Rally held at Pine Lake Raceway near Ashtabula, Ohio.

Pine Lake Raceway holds the self-proclaimed distinction of being the oldest ATV racetrack in the U.S., with 6×6 events beginning circa 1969.

Well over 100 vintage and current production 6×6 vehicles are estimated to have been in attendance, with many of the heavily modified and custom-built racing 6-wheelers destined solely for the on-site dirt racetrack.

In addition to the dirt track racing, several informal trail rides were organized over the four-day event, with several nighttime rides providing a dramatic scene as dozens of lighted 6-wheelers piloted by spirited drivers wound their way in a swift-moving column through the expansive network of challenging trails throughout the adjacent wooded area. The capabilities of all drivers and machine was, in a word, astounding.

With the 6×6 events in Pine Lake typically attended by long-time 6×6 enthusiasts, many of whom modify their vehicles for trail riding as well as the racetrack, Andrew and Galen took advantage of the opportunity to engage and converse with potential customers on what they love about the vehicles, why they modified their vehicles, and what they would like to see improved in new production vehicles.

This valuable one-on-one market research and customer interaction, combined with several hours of extreme trail riding time for both Galen and Andrew, provides our team and the company ongoing inspiration to build the type of vehicles and products that customers want to purchase and make full use of.

The weekend also provided and opportunity to display the companys pilot prototype T-21 transmission provided by strategic partner Agile Vehicle Technologies Limited, which PRRY recently took delivery of and will soon be installed in a testbed MAX vehicle for rigorous testing.

The T-21 is essentially an improved version of the venerable T-20 transmission used in MAX vehicles since 1969 and is designed to offer easier shifting and greater durability to hold up to larger vehicles with more powerful engines hauling heavier loads than the T-20 was originally designed for.

Both Galen and Andrew plan to attend most, if not all, of the major 6×6 events that take place in the country in order to be closely engaged with customers and attuned to their desires so the companys growth plans for MAX ATV sales can be fulfilled.

Once MAX ATV production is relaunched in 2023, new vehicles, parts, and accessories will be showcased and offered for demonstration and sale at all such events.

Andrew and Galen cant wait for the Fall 6×6 Rally at Pine Lake!

More news will follow shortly.


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