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Planet Resource Recovery Inc. Begins Generating Revenue in Q2

Planet Resource Recovery Inc (OTC: PRRY) is now generating its first significant revenue in Q2 by accepting orders for new OEM MAX Convertible Tops!

With thousands of existing MAX customers continuing to enjoy their vehicles season after season, we have discovered a latent and unfulfilled need for the canvas convertible tops that were a very popular add-on accessory for MAX vehicles in the past, but no one has been there to supply them until now!

PRRY has reached back out to the legacy vendor with the proprietary MAX canvas top designs, which were known for high quality and excellent fit and finish. We consider the early establishment of quality products, which fit properly, of utmost importance to rebuild MAX brand equity and customer loyalty.

An initial order for a significant number of tops has been placed for delivery in late April. Several convertible tops have been ordered and pre-paid by customers already in the first days of being advertised on social media. The convertible tops have been procured to fit all three basic body styles of MAX all-terrain vehicles the two-passenger MAX II, the four-passenger MAX IV, and the utility-oriented Buffalo Truck.

Convertible top prices, including free shipping to the lower U.S., is $1,149 for the MAX II and Buffalo Truck, and $1,299 for the MAX IV model.

More MAX accessories and parts will become available in the coming weeks and months as the re-establishment of the venerable MAX brand takes hold!

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