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Planet Resource Recovery Inc. (OTC: PRRY) announcing MAX ATV Parts & Accessories Coming Online Soon!

Planet Resource Recovery Inc. (OTC: PRRY) has been connecting with and listening carefully to the legions of loyal MAX ATV owners who love their off-road companions and are eager to keep them going for years to come. We have heard our newly-adopted customers loud and clear they are hungry for MAX parts and accessories, for which there has been a severe shortage of OEM quality, built-to-original specification MAX items since 2013 this is a lot of demand to fulfill

Help is on the way for decades worth of eager MAX owners!

PRRY is harnessing its original, proprietary MAX technical drawings, tooling, and designs to produce proper OEM grade, genuine MAX replacement parts and accessories, and we are beginning to stock inventory and will begin selling parts and accessories as soon as they become available.

Our new parts website will go live this coming quarter and will be populated with common wear items, maintenance products, and MAX accessories both large and small. Altogether, these product offerings will both keep MAX vehicles rolling as well as give the MAX owner good reason to invest further in their vehicle by purchasing major accessories like convertible tops, windshields, track kits, etc.

By engaging this ready-made market for genuine OEM MAX parts and accessories, PRRY will achieve several important things at one time:

  • PRRY will introduce itself as THE reliable go-to supplier of proper MAX parts
  • We will reinvigorate the MAX brand and wake-up the customer base
  • Our sales infrastructure will be built, refined, and established
  • Significant revenue will be generated an route to launching vehicle production.

The importance of sourcing and selling parts for MAX vehicles prior to launch of vehicle production cannot be overstated this activity will prime the pump of the supply chain to feed the production line for new MAX vehicles to take place in 2023!


Andrew Lapp, CEO
Planet Resource Recovery
+ 1-800-255-2511
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